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About the Holiday Cottage:

This holiday cottage is located in the beautiful area of Matrafured.  The setting is ideal as it is a popular vacation spot.  The traditional folk style décor has been maintained with all of today’s conveniences.  It is important to us to keep the traditional Paloc style. The cottage is located in the valleys of Matra Heves and Nograd, which were areas, populated by the Paloc people.  They settled in the hills and valleys of this area where today we find remains of their traditions.

All nine rooms are equipped with double beds and private bathrooms.  We await you in one of the ‘nature capitals’ of our country where you can come to relax and refresh your body and soul.  It is perfect for those who love to spend their time outdoors but wish to have a relaxing place to come home to.  All of the rooms are barrier free and accessible by wheelchair as well.


The Matra Mountains:  These mountains have 3 main parts; The Felkorivu Ridge, The West Central area of the High Matra and finally the Low Eastern Matra.  To the north there is Matralaba, to the south Matraalja, which blends nicely into the landscape of the area.  This is where we find the highest peaks of our homeland, Kekes at 1014m and Galyateto at 965m. 

The beauty of nature surrounds this area...clean crisp air, quiet relaxation, active recreation etc.  The area has many faces: crunching snow underfoot on a sunny day, swollen streams during the spring thaw with flowers dotting the countryside, picturesque valleys and cool forests in the summer, and a cavalcade of colours behind the morning fog in the autumn. 

 On the cool northern slopes of these mountains, one finds beech and pine forests and in the south more types of pine.  This is the only place in the world where one can find the Matra silver maple trees.  The imperial eagle and saker falcon are also carefully guarded birds of the area.  Sightings of wild boar, red deer and roe deer are also quite common in the area.

Cicaskacus Holiday Cottage Contact Information:

Address: Palosvorosmarti way 19., 
Matrafured, Hungary

E-mail:       cicaskacus@freemail.hu

Telefon:       +36-20-778-5885

 Room Description:

Tastefully furnished rooms offer comfortable accommodation for all ages.  The rooms are decorated with items produced by our local artisans in the Paloc style. 

I’m sure that those arriving here will be interested in learning about this countryside populated by the Paloc people and to experience their generous and heartfelt hospitality.  There are many of cultural treasures to find in this area.

Room Types:

There are 9 double bedrooms with private bathrooms (shower) for ones convenience.  Each room is completely barrier free and is easily accessible for those who are physically challenged.  The rooms are suitable for those with allergies as they are paneled with cork.


Check-in is from 2:00pm on the day of arrival and checkout is by 10:00am on the day of departure.  If earlier check-in or checkout is required then it must be arranged in advance and is based on availability.

Payment (valid during the peak season):

The booking may be cancelled without penalty until the deposit has been received.  To guarantee your reservation a deposit is required. The required deposit is 50% of the total amount, which will be deducted from the total invoice.


The following cancellation charges apply for peak season and high holidays (such as Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Eve etc.):

  • 20-17 days prior to booking; 50% of the total amount 
  • 15 days within booking; 100% of the total amount
  • No show: 100% of the total amount
The following cancellation charges apply for all other times.
  • 20-4 days prior to booking: no penalty
  • 4-2 days within booking; 50% of the total amount
  • No show: 100% of the total amount